Monday, 24 March 2014

Adventures in Free Motion Quilting

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Last  week, my fiance surprised me by buying the sewing machine of my dreams .. and then hiding it so I would find it unexpectedly.  He thought long and hard and thought he knew my routine when I come home from work.  So he hid the machine in our toilet room. However, I came home and changed the routine and he had to wait an hour and a half before his gift was discovered.  I know that the thought of finding a sewing machine in the littlest room in the house doesn't sound romantic but I thought it was one of the most beautiful things anyone has done for me.  Not only that, but he bought it on the Friday before a long weekend so it was Nirvana for me.

The machine he chose was a Pfaff Expression 150 Anniversary model.  I had been looking at one, decided it was the one I wanted and set about saving up for it.  I should have twigged when he asked which one I had chosen.  I thought he was interested.  He wasn't - which makes the gift all the more wonderful.  He has no interest in sewing or sewing machines.  He bought it to make me happy - and it does.

It's the perfect machine for quilters and comes with all the accessories you could possibly want.

I started off with some machine quilting on my 'Game of Thrones' quilt.

My practise piece.

The moment of truth .. 

... End result 

However, even though I was thrilled with the machine quilting results, I was very keen to try my hand at free motion quilting.   It was very tricky .. 

My first practise piece .. 

Much worse than I could have imagined - BUT! always remember to lower the presser foot.  

Things got much better once I remembered to do that.

Now, it's all systems go not only for piecing the quilts, but also for the actual quilting.  

Firstly though, someone deserves a cup of tea - in fact, this machine has earned Peter cups of tea for the rest of his life.

Happy quilting,

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