Monday, 3 March 2014

A tale of three projects...and counting

You may remember that a while ago I picked up some yarn from a charity shop for the princely sum of six dollars.  From that small bag of Moda Vera "Giselle" has so far come three different projects.  It's definitely been the yarn that keeps on giving!  The first project were some woven cutlery pouches for Christmas and the silvery highlights produced by "Giselle" were perfect on our festive table. 

Then I decided that a bit of silver was ideal for evening wear so I got out the knitting loom and made a Shimmery Shrug, which is a lovely wardrobe addition for when the evening just start to cool, but you still want to show of that expensive dress you've been waiting all season to wear.

It was after I had finished the shrug that I realised that four balls of this stuff goes a long, long way.  Determined to make the most of my bargain purchase though, I kept going and my latest project has been the "Sprouts Chain Shawlette" a free crochet pattern at Crochet Me.  Now I have to say from the outset that this yarn isn't ideal for this project.  It tends to snag on itself and so in the end I decided that the edging just wasn't going to work so left that off and still have a lovely shawlette - perfect for next time I'm at a function.

I can't tell you how much it pains me to tell you that out of the four original balls of yarn that I purchased, there are still two balls left.  How does that happen?  After three different projects I'm really wanting to put it at the bottom of the stash and not go near it for a while, but I'm afraid it's somehow multiplying or there is some sort of yarn fairy living in my craft room who's sneaking a new ball of yarn in every now and again when I'm not looking.  If there is a yarn fairy and she/he is reading this, can you please sneak in something different...pretty please!

Happy crocheting


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