Monday, 10 February 2014

New Year Ballet Accessories

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Well, it's  that time of the year again.  A new school year and the process of getting back into the rhythm of our daily routine always seems a little difficult after the relaxation of a long Summer break.  In our household the new school year also happens to coincide with the new ballet year  and so it's a good time to make some new hair accessories.  This year the leotard colour is "Dusty Rose", so out came all of my pinkish trims and odds and ends and rather than go in with a plan, I thought I'd just snip and glue and see what happened.

In the past, I've made quite a few hair bows and things (you can see them here ) so I did feel somewhat more experienced this year, hence my lack of planning.

Naturally enough, my tabletop soon looked very messy and disorganised and it was at this point that I thought perhaps I should have just tried one thing at a time, rather than randomly cutting and gluing.

In the end I came up with 4 designs.  The roses were simply the small bunches of artificial flowers that you can buy from most craft stores, with their stems wrapped around the top of a hair comb and glued in place.  The sequins were a trim I already had, cut to size and glued in place, while the ribbon bows were a little trickier.  Firstly I stuck a length of ribbon along the top of the hair comb to cover the plastic, the trim was cut and the ends burnt to stop fraying - I suggest doing that bit very carefully!  Then a little ribbon bow was stuck on top to finish.

The fourth style this year was a bigger fuller bow, with a gathered centre.

I have told our young dance student that this will be my entire ballet hair accessory collection for the next twelve months - time will tell!

Happy crafting


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