Saturday, 15 February 2014

I'm Not a Singer .. But Maybe I Should Be.

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For quite some time I have been itching to get back into quilting.  In fact, quilting was Deb and my first foray into crafting together (that's if you don't count the endless hours we spent making all sorts of weird and wonderful things during our school holidays).  Our children were small, some of them were in school and we spoke the language of blocks, fabrics and machines all day and only packed up when it was time to pick them up from school.  Many times my children were greeted by a smiling me with bits of thread hanging from my hair and bits of fabric sticking to my clothes.  It’s what kept me sane in the days of small children and big mortgages.

It was lovely and I do miss those days - hence the strong pull to quilt again.  Deb and I both received wonderful sewing machines from our parents for our 21st birthdays.  Mine was a little work horse that kept on going and going - until very recently.  I went to do a very small sewing job and realized that the machine was well past it’s use by date.  To be fair, I had not used it in quite some time and without going into excessive detail about just how old it was (lets just say Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister of England and Patrick Swayze was doing his thing in Dirty Dancing) I realized that it was well and truly time to get a new one.

Janome - On top of my list
The problem is - I have no idea what to get.  My parents had bought me my machine so I had never purchased one before.  I was just very happy with the features it had - 3 separate cams that slotted into the machine to give a dizzy-ing array of about 20 stitches.  It was marvelous - but machines have come a long way since then and I was lost.
Pfaff Passport

Singer - Hits the right note

For a start - what brand?  I had been watching a number of quilting videos and the instructor (Kimberly Einmo - fantastic tutorials on craftsy) had a Pfaff so I was looking at them along with Singers and Janomes.  Kimberly's looked really good but when I googled it, I very quickly realised that it was way, way out of my price range.  I was looking at machines that were on special and I was also looking at machines specifically for quilting so I needed one that fell into all the categories.  They all seemed to.  I mean, how many presser feet do you REALLY need?  I wanted one that automatically cuts the thread at a push of a button and one where you don’t need to keep the foot pedal down all the time if you were sewing long seams and one with automatic threading, and Deb says that making button holes on a modern machine is an absolute dream - and, well, if it made coffee as well then that’s the machine for me.  

I only get one chance at this and the more I look into machines, the more I realise that I could be happy with any one of them - and this makes the decision making really difficult.  

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know.

I have jelly rolls and layer cakes ready to go.  I’m just missing the main ingredient.

Happy quilting, (very soon hopefully)
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    1. It is definitely at the top of my list. I just need to go into a sewing shop and watch it in action ..