Monday, 27 January 2014

Sylvanian Families Cake

This time if year is filled with birthdays for us.  The gift-giving fatigue that everyone feels post Christmas is quickly brushed aside as we celebrate three birthdays in the five weeks following the festive season.  The middle of the birthdays belongs to our niece Lilly who this year is 5 and is generally much easier to buy for and celebrate with, than her two teen boy cousins, who are far less easily pleased!

This year Louise came up with the brilliant idea of starting Lilly on her own Sylvanian Families collection.  Our house for many years contained what seemed to be a moderate to large sized town of the little critters and so we were naturally thrilled to make a Sylvanian Cake for our family get together.

I confess to not being much of a baker.  Appearing on "The Great Australian Bake Off" is not one of my ambitions, but I do enjoy the occasional bit of baking when the time's right.  I'm very thankful for my Women's Weekly Classic Cakes collection, that was given to me as a birthday gift a few years ago.  I'm not usually one to mention a cook book, but if you're not a baker, this one makes it seem to the rest of the world like you are.

Once the cake was baked, we rolled out some pre-made icing to make little flowers and some letters to decorate the cake.  We then added some food colouring to the rest of the icing and rolled out enough to cover our cake and a little bit for what we shall call "base camp", the section at the bottom of the cake for the seating and sandcastle.

The Sylvanian family kit we used is the "Sandpit and Paddling Pool" with a couple of little Sylvanian babies to fill the scene.  I bit of rather poorly executed piped butter cream icing around the edges and our cake was complete. 

..and the birthday girl seemed to like the fact that she could take the Sylvanians home at the end.

Happy Birthday Lilly


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