Monday, 20 January 2014

Crochet Flower Hair Comb

Sometimes there's yarn in the stash that you wonder about.  The label has long gone and it may have been purchased for a particular purpose, although that's likely to have been forgotten or it's now redundant.  I must admit to more than a few of these in my yarn stash, but there's one that's been lurking and playing on my mind for a little while.  It was a variegated crochet cotton originally purchased as amongst the blue and green hues was a little glimpse of mint and I thought I could make a little hair accessory for ballet class from it.  The young ballet student in this household, had other ideas however, and thought it was "too loud" to be acceptable at ballet...and so it's sat unused ever since.

Until I thought I may as well continue with my plan to make a pretty little hair accessory out of it, despite the passing of a year or so in the meantime.  I used my smallest crochet hook for this project, a teeny, tiny size 2 as  I wanted a petite row of flowers to cover the hair comb.

The pattern I decided on is:

Chain 5, form into magic circle.
*Slip Stitch 1 into circle
1 x Single Crochet into circle
1 x Double Crochet into circle
1 x Single Crochet into circle
repeat from *4 times to form flower
Slip stitch into magic circle

To form second flower
Chain 8 (the first 3 chains attach the two flowers together)
Slip Stitch into 5th chain along to form circle, repeat pattern from first flower to form second flower and continue forming a chain of flowers until you have enough to cover the length of your selected hair comb.

I was tempted at this point to just get out my glue gun and stick my flowers onto the hair comb, but who doesn't like a bit of bling.  So out came my beads and a selection was made. (I ended up choosing the darker blue beads)

 I'm not very trusting when it comes to beads and glue guns.  The weight of the beads and their awkward shape doesn't bode well for a secure bond and so in the interests of longevity I used some artistic wire (any bendy craft wire will do for this) and thread both the beads and the flowers onto the headband all at once, securing the ends so there were no rough edges.

While our ballet student still considers the colour "too loud" for ballet, she's delighted that it perfectly matches a dress she's just purchased online, thanks to a gift card from her Nanna.  Nanna can expect a photo of the whole ensemble very soon!

Happy crocheting


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