Monday, 6 January 2014

As exciting a gift as ever there was

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When I was younger, there were two birthdays that were notoriously exciting in our family.  The first was turning five, because that was the age when you got your first bike.  Mine was shiny and red and wonderful and got me through until I was 10, which was the next exciting birthday when you would get bike number two.  Both of those bikes were ridden for many kilometres (helped in no small measure by the bike track at our local park and endless trips to the corner shop to buy ten cent bags of mixed lollies).  I'm quite sure though, that may latest birthday gift has travelled even further than those treasured sets of wheels.

When Louise first phoned me about the weaving loom she had discovered at her local weaving shop (you can read all about its purchase and restoration here ) I don't know which of us was the most excited and as the months ticked past and her visit to Melbourne approached, it was fantastic to Skype with Dad as he showed me how it all worked.  Naturally when Louise and her fiance Peter finally arrived in Melbourne after their journey of many thousands of kilometres, I let them rest for what must have been at least two hours before we attempted to wind the warp and begin the whole process of weaving.

My father, bless him, had not only restored the loom, but made a warping frame as well (he's rather fabulous like that) and so it was that we began winding, warping, laughing and trying desperately to come to terms with all of the vocab from the book "Learn to weave on the table loom" from Ashford.

After working out the "threading cross" and the "counting cross", "warping the loom", what to do with "cross sticks" and what seemed like a million other processes, we were finally at the stage where we could begin weaving.  Louise had rather thoughtfully put together a bag of homespun wool for me and so we were able to take yarn that she had spun and dyed and use that to make our own cloth - an immensely satisfying process.

Sadly I have run out of anything remotely usable as warping thread and so now await an important bag of bargain yarns from "Webs" - please Mr Postman, come soon!!

Happy weaving


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