Monday, 9 December 2013

Woven Christmas Cutlery Pouches

There's been a lot of talk about weaving in my family lately.  My father has been restoring an old table top loom and I was very excited a little while ago when Dad took his laptop into his shed and we skyped while he showed me how it all came together.  I'm itching to start weaving on it, but alas it won't be here for a while yet.  It's got a long cross country journey to undertake when Louise and her fiance Peter drive from Perth to Melbourne the week prior to Christmas.

In the meantime, I've been playing around on my daughter's toy loom in the hope of learning a little bit about weaving before my long awaited table top loom arrives.  Now I'm not one to go all out at Christmas, I prefer a quiet and relaxed day filled with large amounts of family, food and laughter (and if I can sneak an afternoon nap in that's even better).  This year though, people are making a journey of pretty close to 3500km to spend the day with us, so I thought I'd better make a little bit of an effort to dress the dining room table.

I've gone for traditional Christmas colours this year and purchased a couple of balls of "Esther" brand yarn from my local Lincraft store and decided to add some glitter silver wool I had picked up for a bargain at a nearby charity shop.

The process of weaving, even if it is only on a toy loom, is rather relaxing and so I've spent my evenings in a  peaceful state as I've made the fabric for each little pouch.  I threaded the entire width of the little loom using crochet cotton and rather than counting rows, I've used a rough estimate of width so the each pouch is slightly different.

I've been using different combinations of colours to add even more variety and then I've simply sewn up each pouch adding a little silver trim around the top and a silver Christmas ornament to finish.

If you don't have a loom, you could really use any fabric you like for these, or perhaps even cut up an old jumper and sew the pouches from that!

I'm excited at the thought that by this time next year I might even be making Christmas table runners and placemats on the table top loom...

Happy Weaving


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