Monday, 30 December 2013

Planning Ahead Gift Tags

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I'm not really one to tackle the post Christmas sales, but this year I've been very tempted to mingle with the hoards of shoppers to try and pick up wrapping paper and gifts tags while they are heavily discounted.  My current supply is running very low and as I was writing out gift tags this year, it was a close run thing as to whether or not I would have enough.  It almost, but not quite,  got to the stage that I would be writing names straight onto the wrapping paper...a disaster!

Thankfully, my dislike of shopping for anything other than craft supplies, quickly kicked in come Boxing Day  and so rather than purchase gift tags, I've  made some more using the beautiful cards we've been sent this year.  Lovely messages from family members far away are received with joy in the lead up to Christmas and I'm really delighted that the cards themselves will be used again.

To start, it's a simple matter of going through the cards and checking that there is no writing on the back of the picture you want to use.  We are very lucky in this household to own a set of Smiggle scissors with interchangeable patterned blades.  This give a lovely effect, but really don't hesitate to use regular scissors if you don't own fancy ones.

After a few minutes of cutting, we've got a lovely pile of gift tags for next Christmas.  All they need is a hole punch and a little ribbon and our tags will be complete.

If you're wanting ideas on how to recycle cards, Planet Ark provide some very useful info.

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