Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wool Winder Christmas Decorations

One of my favourite birthday presents from last year was my wool winder.  In the weeks that followed the big day, I happily set to work winding practically every bit of wool I owned, happy in the knowledge that the randomness of my wool stash had come together with a uniformity that I never imagined possible.  Almost a year on, I'm afraid to say the stash is needing a bit of a tidy and some reorganising, and I promise I'll get around to that soon one day, but in the meantime I've decided to put my wool winder to good use making Christmas decorations.

Louise made some lovely decorations last year using the wool from the wool winder (you can find them in our blog post 15 days of Christmas) and that inspired me to use my red and green wool to make some yarny Christmas baubles.  I simply took some red and green wool from my stash, used the wool winder to make smallish baubles, wrapped ribbon around, tied a bow and added a little metal hook for ease of hanging.

I love the thought of these simply hung on the tree, or strung on a garland and perhaps made with brown wool with a little white crochet  top to resemble a Christmas pudding.  I might actually do that - when I get around to sorting through my yarn to find some brown wool. 
Merry Christmas


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  1. Hi ladies, I love the yarn balls as Christmas decorations. Very clever. I saw it on submarine sunday. Julie at

  2. Love those little wool winder, I need to get a winder one of these days for Christmas Decorations, probably a cheaply one too, just so long as it does the job!

    Regards Prince...


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