Monday, 25 November 2013

Luggage Scents

In a few weeks, we will be travelling 3000-odd kilometres across the length of Australia for a long awaited 5 week trip to Victoria.  

I pulled out my suitcase the other day to start to get ready and decided that I needed something fragrant to keep my clothes smelling lovely and fresh.  I usually pack a bar of wonderfully scented soap but this year I decided on cedar balls.  We have had an invasion of pantry moths this year and I am a bit paranoid about moths getting into the clothes.  Plus I love the smell and I needed something to keep them in, so I decided to quickly crochet a little bag.


10 x cedar balls
Scrap yarn in a neutral colour
30cm length of brown ribbon
1 x brown button.
crochet hook 


Using the magic loop method (instructions available here), create the loop with 6 single crochets in the centre. Place a stitch marker to indicate the start of the row.  Pull the loop closed.

Row 2: *2 Single crochets between each stitch* repeat to end of row
Row 3: *2 single crochets between each stitch* repeat to end of row
Row 4: Double crochet between each stitch and continue for 8 rows or until the pouch comfortably holds the 10 cedar balls.

Next row: * Skip 1, Triple crochet, chain 1* repeat to the end of the row
Next row: *slip stitch, 2 x double crochet, slip stitch* in each of the gaps created by the previous Triple crochet row to create a little frill along the top of the pouch once it has been tied.  

Secure the yarn and finish.

Thread the ribbon through the triple crochet row and tie in a bow and pop into your luggage or drawers.

The addition of a crochet rose would also make this fragrant pouch a lovely little, inexpensive christmas present.

Happy crochet,

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