Friday, 1 November 2013

Knitting Ribbon Coffee Cover

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I think we can all agree that tea is the most romantic of the hot beverages, followed by coffee and hot chocolate in equal second then with Bonox dragging its heals at the rear of the pack.    I can't imagine Miss Elizabeth Bennett sitting down to a cup of Bonox with Mr Darcy, can you? Why it would be nothing short of scandalous!

With this in mind, I took it upon myself to romanticise my coffee plunger to bring it from the realms of functional to fancy, my tools being nothing more than knitting ribbon (often called Knitlon or Craftlon, depending on which part of the world you live in), a crochet hook, needle and thread plus a couple of buttons.  I decided I probably didn't want to go quite as far as a Barbara Cartland novel and so chose blue knitting ribbon over pink for this little project.

My pattern for both the coffee and mug cover were the same.

Crochet enough Chain  to wrap once around the base of the item that you are wanting to cover.

Chain 2.  Double crochet (DC) into next chain.  DC along entire row and turn.

Continue this pattern until the work measures to the height of the plunger/cup handle.  At the end of this row, chain 5 and slip stitch into last DC to form a loop.  Cast off.

Sew button on opposite side of work to the chain 5 and sew edges together of the first row of crochet.

To make both the mug and coffee cover took less than one ball of knitting ribbon

...and there you have it.  Another use for knitting ribbon that doesn't include toilet rolls or coat hangers, and it's something to keep your coffee warm while you're waiting for Mr Darcy.  It's a win-win!

Happy crocheting


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  1. I think Miss Bennett would definitely approve of your coffee cover and mug warmer. Elegant and practical at the same time. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  2. Hi, I love these they are so adorable and I saw it at the submarine sunday party. I am going to follow you because I love everything crochet! Julie at