Monday, 4 November 2013

Hexagon Table Mat

I little while ago, I was experimenting with crochet hexagons (you can read about it in our 5 favourite free hexagons blog post) and thought the time had come to make myself a crochet bag. I loved the Simple Hexagon pattern in colours I'd chosen from the Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic range, and thought a bag would be the perfect casual accessory for jeans.

I started to crochet hexagons and chose to make less rounds per hexagon than stated in the pattern, while varying the inner colour, all the while leaving the outer round  ivory.  I didn't want the bag to be large and thought the smaller hexagons would give it a dainty, but still casual feel.

It was when I started joining all of my little hexagons together that I decided I wasn't going to be that thrilled with it as a bag.  I still loved the colours and the hexagon design, it just didn't scream either "bag" or "something I'd use" at me as I was piecing it all together.  

I'm really not one to let things go to waste though and quickly decided it would make a wonderful table mat with matching coasters.

and so I kept joining  and then I blocked the whole thing...

....until it looked like this

It's not a bag, but I'm still pretty pleased with it (and it's still a great matching accessory when I'm wearing jeans for dinner!)

Happy crocheting


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