Saturday, 30 November 2013

Button Christmas Trees

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This morning I went shopping and as I was out and about, I wandered into my local craft shop.  While I wasn't specifically looking for Christmas decorations, I did walk down the aisles dedicated to all things tinsel and marvelled at how expensive everything was.   I've got all sorts of baubles, beads and buttons at home and it pains me to purchase anything if I can make it myself using what I already have on hand.

While I didn't necessarily set out to make any new decorations today, after my shopping trip I did decide to set myself a challenge and see if I could make some new decorations using only what I had in my craft cupboard.  

I quickly discovered my bottle of green buttons and together with some craft wire, a few stolen borrowed brown buttons from my daughter's collection and a couple of sparkly beads, I had a plan and the materials to make decorations that were quick, easy and very cute.

This is a lovely decoration to make with children, but just make sure they are over the age of putting things in their mouths, so perhaps not suitable for the under threes..

I started with a piece of "Artistic Wire", cut it the about the length of a standard ruler and then used four brown-ish buttons as the base of our decorations.  I folded the wire in half and then threaded the brown buttons onto the wire as shown.  I then stack my green buttons in height order and starting at the largest button, threaded these onto the wire, ending with the smallest.

To finish, thread a sparkly bead onto the wire and then twist the ends to form a loop for hanging.

Now I just have to find a use for my bottle of red buttons!

Happy Crafting 


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