Friday, 15 November 2013

A Birthday is Looming

One restored loom waiting for delivery.
Every now and again I have bought someone a present that I have been so excited about that I can hardly wait to give it to them.  Such is the case with Deb’s present this year.

Some months back when I first ventured into the world of spinning, I came across a second hand weaving loom at the spinning shop.  During my first visit, I saw it sitting under a table, all dusty and looking deliciously vintage.  I thought at the time that is was something that Deb would probably like to have but I didn’t inspect it any further as I was on a mission to learn how to spin and I thought it was just a display piece.

On my second visit with Mum and Dad a month or two later, it was still there.  While waiting to be served, I noticed that there was a price on it.  I had a quick look  to see how many hundreds of dollars it was and was blind sided when I saw $50 on the ticket.  This is a large loom – the size of a small dining room table and I quickly got a case of ‘shoppers panic’.  This is the panic you feel when you see something so unbelievably wonderfully priced that you feel it must be a mistake and therefore, it must be hidden from other shoppers in case they realise what a bargain it is as well.

I stepped outside and made a quick phone call to Deb to see if this was something she would like for her birthday.  Her response indicated that my shoppers panic instinct was correct and I quickly snapped up the loom for her.  I was extremely happy to be giving Deb something vintage, something crafty and, most of all, well within budget.

I then got a case of the ‘Wish I had bought it for myself’ blues when I got home.  It really was a magnificent piece of equipment.  Dad had already agreed at the shop that his contribution to the present was to restore it to its past beauty.  Some of the wood was warped, the heddles were rusty - the more we looked at it, the more work had to be done.  One more phone call to Deb the next day confirmed that she was still just as excited about having a loom, despite my saying that I was more than happy to have it should she change her mind.  She didn’t. 

A few weeks ago, Dad bought the loom up to me all finished and restored and we have a fantastic morning getting it up and running.  The process was long, intricate and complicated for a couple of first timers but once it was up and running I was surprised at just how quick and efficient the loom was.  I spent an hour or two happily weaving but then remembered that it wasn’t my present so, reluctantly, finished the sample and put all the pieces away.  

Unfortunately, the only way to get the loom across to Melbourne is to pack it up in our camper van and transport it across when we start out on our holiday.  This is over a month after Debs birthday.  I can well imagine her frustration at knowing such a marvellous item is sitting at my house whilst she is sitting at hers - some 3454 k’s apart.

Deb and I have a budget of $50.00 for birthdays and it is usually something crafty and always something thoughtful.  This year I was the very lucky recipient of some Louisa Harding wool and knitting book.  The pastel sea greens and blues have pride of place in my knitting stash but I think I can safely say that when is comes to 'How MUCH craft can $50 buy', the loom is going to be very hard to top.

Happy Birthday Deb.   

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