Monday, 11 November 2013

5 wonderful ways with Bi-Carb

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Bicarb Soda is the one product in my pantry that I can't live without and  I often think I should have a few boxes in the house, located in different rooms, because it seems to get used for everything other than baking.

My top 5 tips for using bicarb are:

Insect Bites

Mix to a paste with warm water and place directly on the site of the bite - it's wonderful at taking away the itch


Add to a tepid bath to take away the pain of sunburn


Mix bicarb and water into a smooth paste and brush away.  Perfect for if you forget to pick up toothpaste at the supermarket.


Sprinkle a handful of bicarb in the bottom of the dishwasher between loads.  It will keep it smelling fresh as well as helping to clean the dishwasher when you do the next load.

and lastly (and this is my personal favourite)


Bicarb is a fantastic way of getting rid of smells in fabric, so if you're wanting to freshen up the car, couch or even kids toys, give them a generous sprinkling of bicarb, leave for about 15-20 min and then vacuum.  It's also fantastic for keeping shoes fresh and this was never more apparent then when my daughter brought her pointe shoes home from ballet class for the first time in a couple of months.  On a positive note, it was quite obvious she'd been working very hard in them, on the down side the sweaty foot smell emanating from these, the most delicate of shoes, was almost unbearable.

It was obvious something had to be done to at least try and keep the shoes fresh for the six or so weeks left of the ballet year, so scissors and fabric in hand I came up with a pair of pretty shoe deodorises to keep the smell at bay.

I simply cut two fabric squares with sides of approx 10cm, put a few generous tablespoons of bicarb in the centre and then tied with some pretty trim.

Smelly shoe problem sorted!

Do you have any tips for using bi-carb?


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