Friday, 25 October 2013

Loom Knit Shimmery Shrug

In my experience, there is nothing better than making a purchase in a charity/thrift shop and the volunteer behind the counter saying something along the lines of "I wish I'd seen this, I would have put it aside for me" and that is exactly what happened when I gleefully went to pay for a bag of Moda Vera Giselle a few weeks ago.   At a mere $6.00 for four balls of shimmery wool, I had no immediate plans for my purchase, but knew I couldn't leave the store without this new addition to my wool stash.

For me, shimmery, shiny yarn just screams out evening wear and so one night when I was in no way inspired to pick up any of my current WIP's, I took out my straight loom and decided to make  quick shrug.

The instructions couldn't be simpler.  I used one strand of yarn and followed the same instruction as I used in our Charity Knitting blog post.  I cast on using the entire length of the loom and then continued knitting enough rows until the work measured approximately 65cm before casting off.  This size is to fit a petite adult, so I would recommend adding another 10 or so centimetres for a regular adult.  I then folded the shrug in half lengthwise and sewed up from each end along the length approximately 10cm to form the sleeves.

I'm really pleased with how this came together.  Incredibly quick to make and it took less than a 50g ball of my bargain yarn, meaning all up this perfect addition to a sophisticated night out cost less than $1.50!

Oh how I love a bargain!

Happy looming


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  1. I LOVE this shrug! What size loom did you use?

    1. Hi Melissa. This shrug was made using a 38 peg loom

  2. I love the back. Can I request a tie front modification? Could you help me out?


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