Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Crystal Painting

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My niece Hayley has her own business selling cross stitch supplies (you can see her fabulous website at X Squared Cross Stitch ) and she's recently added some Crystal Painting Kits to purchase.  One of the joys of family is that sometimes little parcels arrive in the post and on one such occasion a large envelope was delivered containing one of her new kits.

The timing was perfect.  Imagine if you will hundreds, if not thousands of tiny crystals, a sticky sheet of canvas on which they are to be placed, a fortnight of school holidays where the weather was awful at best, all combined with a slightly bored tween.

Our tween spent hours with her tweezers carefully placing each crystal.  For a brief moment I had a turn too and it was very relaxing indeed, but the tween was the most enthusiastic and so I left it for her and oh-so -slowly the picture is beginning to take shape.


The Crystal Painting has turned out to be a great in between project.  It's quite time consuming, but in a good "I'm glad I got a bit more done today" kind of way and makes a pleasant change from using yarn and threads to create masterpieces.  Our tween is certainly enjoying herself!

Happy Crystal Painting 


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