Monday, 30 September 2013

Knitted Dolls by Arne and Carlos

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When Suzy Hausfrau put a little message on Facebook recently offering a gift voucher for signing up to their newsletter, I couldn't resist.  I had been to their site a few times, and despite enormous temptation had managed to keep my credit card firmly in my wallet, that was until the voucher offer!  

I've been investigating knitted dolls for a couple of months and was delighted to see they had the Arne and Carlos "Knitted Dolls" book in stock - perfect.  In no time at all my order was placed and it was only a few days later that I was at the post office impatiently waiting in line to collect my parcel.

This book is truly a delight and it's hard not to smile as you flick through the pages of gloriously detailed photographs.  Each doll seems to exude personality, the clothing is wonderfully on-trend (yes, they do have a pattern for a onsie) and the lovely story of the development of the book and patterns intertwine as you delve deeper among the pages.

For me the whole idea for knitting a doll and designer wardrobe is not only the cuteness factor, but also the chance to use up the yarn stash to some degree.  This of course is going to require a great deal of sorting through the Hope Chest, where the stash is stored, to see exactly what I have to work with.  The patterns are for Falk 4 ply wool and I'm quite certain that 4 ply isn't to be found in my stash and the 5 ply I have is in a limited palette of baby pastels.   I'm not adverse to using 8 ply, which I have in abundance, and making larger dolls as a result, but there's always a part of me that wants to use the yarn as listed.  I'm hoping for one of those rare occasions when I walk into a crafty type store and the exact thing I was looking for (in this case 4ply wool in a huge variety of colours) just happens to be on sale for $1.00 a ball.

Here's hoping!


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