Monday, 9 September 2013

Crafty Style Fundraising

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Cake stalls, sausage sizzles and egg and bacon roll stands seem to be the staple of school fundraising events these days, so you can  imagine my delight this term when an email arrived in my inbox calling for donations of cakes or "hand made goods if you are a crafty talented person".  To be honest I was a little put off by the addition of "talented", but decided that the school had asked for hand made goods and therefore I would deliver, hoping all the while that there would not be an aptitude test for talent and that I could nonchalantly  sneak my wares into the school  office - or better yet my child could sneak them into the school office and they could take the talent aptitude test on my behalf should one eventuate.

I've been working with Knitting Ribbon (sometimes called Craftlon or Knitlon, depending on where you live) lately in an attempt to use this long forgotten medium in ways that take it from the 1970's to now, and having a few rolls remaining I thought I could quickly come up with a basket of goodies using what I had on hand.  My main aim being to have as many pieces as possible for the school to sell, all the while knowing that I had less than a week to come up with something that people would want to buy.

One super quick and easy project is making Flower Hair Clips on the flower loom.  We've made them before (you can find the instructions here ) and it's simply a case of making the flowers and attaching a hair slide/barrette through the back of the flower to make a really pretty accessory.  While I added a sparkly bead to the centre of our previous attempts, I'm was a bit worried about small parts if these were to get into the hands of little ones, so left the beads off for this batch and I still think they look quite lovely.

I was quite content to do a whole basket of lovely little flowers, but then I was chatting to Louise who mentioned how headbands would also be good and while I mumbled and grumbled about it for an hour or so, finally decided that the basket would look great with an assortment of hair accessories, so out came my crochet hook and headbands were quickly added.  My pattern for these is very simple ( to fit a child's head):

Using a 5.5 crochet hook, Chain 55, Slip stitch into first chain to form a circle.
Round 1. Chain one, skip first chain and single crochet into each chain in circle. When you reach the end, Slip stitch into first SC of round
Repeat round 1 a further 3 times.  
Cast off and sew flower in place.

Sadly, I'll be elsewhere when the fundraising event takes place, which is probably a good thing as it's quite nerve wracking standing around waiting to see if your goods sell.  Honestly, I've got no idea how folk with their own craft stalls do it!

Happy Fundraising


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