Friday, 30 August 2013

Can't Afford to be Sick

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One Good thing to come from a few  days at home.
I think everyone has a ‘sickness barometer’ .. a measure that is intrinsic to each person that lets you know just how sick you are.  Mine is knitting.  I knit all the time, anywhere, any hour - so I know if I don’t feel like knitting or even feel like thinking about knitting, something is wrong.

For the last week I have struggled with a virus/cold/flu type thing.  It’s OK, we all get sick but I always recover pretty quickly.  This time however it is dragging.  I have had nearly a week off work (nobody likes an office martyr) and on the days I did go to work, I was sent home again.

So, I had no choice but to languish on the couch watching TV and surfing the net. 

There are a few rules in our house about being sick.
·         We all understand that you may be feeling unwell – but don’t whine about it constantly
·         Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids
·         The person who is unwell should not be involved in food preparation (Frustratingly, this one doesn’t seem to apply to me though)
·         And the new one to add to the list – Never give a bored, sick person access to a credit card.

As I was lounging on the couch I started browsing wool sites.  This is nothing new, I do it all the time and my favourite seller had a bag of 10 skeins of Noro Furin on sale.  So, I bought it.  Next was a skein of Araucania sock wool to add to my ever burgeoning  stash of sock wool.  At this point, I thought that was enough.  No more spending.  Have a nap instead – it’s much cheaper.

I was woken from a nap on the couch by my phone ringing.  It was the winery where Peter and I buy our wine.  I know it sounds a bit pretentious but after searching for a long time for a nice classic dry white wine, we finally found one.  (Vasse Felix Classic Dry White – Very nice indeed) so we cut out the middle man and buy direct from the winery.  It was good news! Our wine was on sale – so I bought 2 cartons.   2 CARTONS!  I can’t justify 2 cartons.  What was I thinking?  I think I was still asleep or maybe dreaming about when I am well again and how lovely a cold glass of wine would be.  Right now, it’s the last thing I feel like.  So I started feeling a bit miserable at my spending. 

Absolutely Gorgeous Sock Wool.
My son suggested that I better utilize my time by playing a computer game.  Good idea, I haven’t got stuck into a game for ages and this lifted my spirits.  I like empire building games so I found one about the rise of the Roman Empire.  So I bought that online as well.

So I am single handedly building the Roman Empire surrounded by wool and wine in the true Romanesque fashion.  I really hope I get better soon.  I can’t afford to live like a Roman.

Happy Empire Building,


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  1. I understad (a little to much). Try civilization (romanian empire! Pretorianos! Kill kill kill!!) or travian (online); that is addictive too but cheaper, jejeje

  2. Too on the internet is way too easy!