Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bow Tie Hair Clips

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Orange!  I don't think anyone in our household has an item of clothing that's orange. It's not that I hate orange, but I was very pale blonde as a child and citrus colours just didn't do anything for me.  I now think that perhaps I've been neglecting it all these years even though it may well suit the colouring of others.  The lack of orange was brought to my attention last week, when the tween came home from school with a party invitation indicating that she was to wear orange.  Everyone has been allocated a different colour and while blue, red, pink, purple or even green would have been a breeze, orange is a tad more tricky in an until now orangeless existence. 

I'm very thankful to our local discount clothing store who had a remarkably cheap tube skirt and t-shirt in exactly the right shades for the girly event, but I knew my daughter would be wanting some sort of accessory as well and on this occasion she came up with her own pattern.

Given our lack of orange clothes you may also have assumed that there would be no orange in the wool stash, but I'm thrilled to say that in a little craft pack from many years ago there lurked some neon brights and not content with just one colour, my daughter decided on making a few little accessories (perhaps in case the next party is 80's themed?)

Her simple crochet pattern is:

Chain 11
Row 1: Skip first chain and single crochet into each chain until the end of row.
Row 2: Chain 1(forms first SC), skip one stitch from previous row and continue to SC along row.
Repeat until desired thickness is me.
When cutting yarn at end of project, leave a long length and wrap around centre, gathering the bow tie.  Thread end of yarn through wrapped centre.
Attach to a hair slide.

I think these could be equally as cute made into a necklace or attached to a T-shirt.

Happy crocheting

Deb (and Andie)

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