Monday, 1 July 2013

So much to learn

Every craft seems to have it's own vocabulary, but I've recently been looking into weaving and I think this particular art form should win an award for introducing me to new crafting terms.  What with all of the warping, weaving, sheds, heddles and more, I feel like I'm learning a whole new language.

My daughter recently received a small loom from her grandparents for her birthday (it was the surprise contained in our Fat Quarter Wrap) and so it was that I began to do some research into the whole weaving process.

For this basic little loom, the warp - that's the lengthwise threads shown in white in our pictures is really easy to wrap so a project can be up and running in no time at all, a real bonus when dealing with young crafty types.  The wool we used for the weft, the green horizontal threads in our pictures, was a real family affair.  It was spun by Louise and then dyed by us - I can't begin to tell you the sense of satisfaction gained by being able to follow the whole process.  The only thing better would be to use wool from our own sheep, something I can't see happening any time soon!

The wool for the weft was wrapped around the shuttle, that's the long piece of wood in our picture, but I've seen many boat shaped shuttles online, which seems to be the standard.

Our Beater, that's the rod used to beat the weft threads together, is more like a big blue comb, but it does the job and none of us complained as our little experiment with weaving progressed. 

The homespun nature of the wool, looked fabulous and while we weren't actually making a specific project at this time, we've got a few ideas of what to make with our made from scratch yarn.

I have to confide with you that for all of my new weaving vocabulary my absolute favourite term comes from Homespun Haven:

"Problems – a word used for an opportunity to invent creative solutions and thus learn more."

Happy weaving.


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