Wednesday, 3 July 2013

FitzBirch Cosies

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Knitting and Crochet go hand in hand with cups of tea, lots of happy conversations and memorable times.  For some years now Deb and I have had to have our cups of tea whilst catching up on facebook or chatting over the phone but that hasn't stopped us from making cosies for the day (hopefully not too far away) when we can both sit down over a shared pot of tea and catch up on years of gossip intellectual conversation.

The distance between us hasn't stopped us from knitting an assortment of items and cosies though and  we thought we would list them all in one handy post.  We've made cosies for teapots, coffee cups, wine bottles, boiled eggs and an IPad.  We have even made a cosy to cover a brick to make a handy door stop.  These patterns are free and are a fabulous way to use up small amounts of yarn in your stash for gift giving or just to keep for yourself.  

Christmas Wine Cosy

The perfect way to dress up a Christmas Tipple.  These cosies are simple to knit and use just the smallest amount of yarn from your stash.  

Posy Cosy Tea Pot Cover

This is the cosy that started it all.  I knitted the cosy and Deb crocheted the flowers.  A collaborative project that's just waiting for a shared cup of tea.

Halloween Wine Cosy for Creepy Gift Giving

Creepy is the word for these wine cosies.  The pattern is very simple.  What ghoulish things you do with them is up to you.

Yarn Bombing the Vase of Courtship

Yarn bombing a vase?  I think that qualifies as a cosy.

Knitted Door Stop

Who would guess that this highly practical door stop is actually a brick?

Cabled IPad Cover

Using sock yarn and the magic cast on method, this cabled IPad cover keeps an expensive item protected and looking .. well, cosy.

Valentine Wine Cosy 

A romantic glass or two doesn't come packaged any cuter.

Gnome on the Range Egg Cosy

This cute little fellow is sure to brighten your breakfast table.

Christmas Tea Cosy

Christmas can't always be a frenzy of activity and when you have a chance to sit quietly with some friends for a festive cuppa, this cosy is the pefect way to set the scene.

Birthday Wine Cosy

The metallic yarn used for this cosy made it the perfect cosy for a special gift.  In our case, it ended up being a cosy for a house warming bottle of champagne.

Mrs Potts Tea Cosy

Using a vintage 1940's pattern, we made a cosy using Icord for some wonderful detailing.

Egg Cosy Sampler

A perfect way to practise your embroidery skills.

Loom Knit Tea Cosy

Loom knitting means that everyone can make a tea cosy.  This one uses daisies made from a flower loom as embellishments.

Halloween Wine Cosy

It doesn't take a lot of yarn to turn this Arachnid inspired cosy into a fabulous halloween centrepiece.

Button Rose Tea Cosy

This cosy combines a little bit of cosy and whole lot of shabby chic.  

Mother's Day Wine Cosy

If you mother or mother-in-law prefers something a little stronger than tea or coffee, a knitted cosy for a bottle of wine would be a lovely way to say 'Happy Mothers Day'

Coffee Cup Cosy

This little cosy knits up in next to no time.  It fits a lot of different coffee cups and barely makes a dent in your yarn stash.  It's such a handy little thing to keep in your handbag.

Nordic Tea Cosy

If you can't be with someone for a cup of tea, the next best thing is to send them a knitting pattern for a tea cosy in a style they love.  This cosy was made after Deb sent me a pattern for a fairisle cover.

Tarantula Wine Cosy

In case you like your wine with a tarantula or two, we have the pattern for you.

Daisy Egg Cosy

Simple knitted petals held together with some buttons means that even your boiled egg can be sunny side up.

Happy knitting, crocheting and sewing,
Louise & Deb

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  1. I love the flowers! So much fun :) My youngest son's birthday is on Halloween so the spooky ones are fun for me too. Krista @ A Handful of Everything