Monday, 8 July 2013

Craft Room Guilt

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Finished Craft Room
As the mother of Adult children, there comes a time in life when they have to exert their independence and move out.  We seemed to have spent many, many years preparing them for this – but not preparing ourselves.

My daughter recently informed me that she was going to be moving out – again! and of course, I was sad.  Not crying sad, just that melancholy ‘where have the years gone’ type of sad.  She is turning 22 this year so it’s hardly unexpected but I wallowed in the melancholy mood for a few days until I started to hear the little voice in my head.  When I first heard it, I was shocked .. and a little ashamed – but over the coming days it kept getting louder and louder and I could no longer ignore it.   The voice kept saying ‘Craft Room’. 

Preparing a craft room was just the tonic I needed.  I kept envisaging myself happily ensconced in this room, listening to music or audio books whilst I knit, crochet or spin.  The spring came back into my step and whilst I was not actively encouraging my daughter to leave, I kept popping into her room to measure things up.  As more and more of her things were leaving the room, I found myself saying, ‘Shelving there, couch over here .. Should I paint that wall?’  

I ordered a large set of shelving for all my wool.   When wool is piled up and shoved into any container that is to hand, it can look quite substantial.  When it was all nicely packed into shelving, I didn’t have as much as I thought – so that could only mean one thing
Squirrel Swift

It's also a chance for me to store all of the wonderful things that my Dad has made. 
Quill Spindle
The yarn winder, the squirrel swift and the quill spindle all get a home as well.  My very crafty Dad has also made me a spinning wheel and this has pride of  place.  The room is a little dark so I will have to get some lighting .. oh, and I've seen some fantastic knitting prints that look like eye charts which I may have to consider.  Then there's knitted cushions to make ....
Yarn Winder

As much as I am enjoying setting up the craft room, please don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place for Hayley in our home and she is welcome back at any stage for any length of time - only, from now on, she may have to share her room with an ever expanding wool stash and a spinning wheel which, quite frankly, is my idea of heaven.
Pride of place - My new spinning wheel

Happy crafting,

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  1. I'm on the opposite end of this life cycle right now...I have my craft room, but will soon have to give it up (or move it to a future basement!) to make room for the baby on the way! I'm sad to know I won't have a set room for my crafting things (I love sewing and crochet most), but I do know that it will be worth it.

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    1. Congratulations! It's always exciting when a baby is on the way. A craft room is a hard thing to give up though - when your children get a play room, they may just have to share it with you. Toys one side, Craft/wool the other. Good luck with everything .. Louise