Saturday, 13 July 2013

Chunky Crochet Headband

I've been seeing crochet headbands all over Facebook lately, and on a particularly productive weekend decided to try a FitzBirch version.  They really are so quick and easy that I'm tempted to go through my wool stash to see what other colours I can come up with.


It doesn't matter what thickness of yarn you use as the pattern is easily changed depending on the chunkiness of the yarn and the size of the head that will be wearing it.  We are using Lincraft Celtic, a mix of wool, acrylic and alpaca which recommends a 5.5mm needle size.  It's chunky and in shades of blue is the perfect match for denim.

The pattern (which is ideal for beginners) is:
Chain enough length to wrap once around the wearers head.  In our case this was 60 chains, but in all honesty I would probably only do 55 chains next time to make the headband fit really snugly.  The finished product has a little stretch, so being a little tighter initially shouldn't cause any problems

Join end of chain to beginning using slip stitch.  Chain 2 (forms first stitch), Skip first chain in row and then DC until into each chain until 10 stitches remain.  SC the remaining stitches.  
Continue this pattern until headband is the desired thickness - we chose 6 rows for ours.

A lot of the flower embellishments on headbands I've seen have been wonderfully over sized and look really gorgeous on young girls, but  we were after something that, while still floral, wouldn't be quite so 3D and came across a really fabulous design at Scrapbook and Cards Today.  It's super easy and we were very pleased with the result in our chunkier yarn.  We sewed the flower in place adding a navy button and it was all finished in an hour or so.

Although our model does not look thrilled to be wearing her new headband in this photo, I can assure you it had more to do with her being full of cold and her mother dragging her out into the garden on a cold Winter's morning, than the actual headband!

Happy crocheting


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  1. Cute headband! Nice flower. Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

    1. thank you - it's always a pleasure to take part.

  2. So pretty! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I too have been seeing the headbands but could not find a pattern.

  4. Very cute. Think I will make one for my little girl. Thanks for sharing.


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