Monday, 22 July 2013

Ballet Booties

For all of the years I've been doing crafty stuff, I confess I have never, ever made a pair of booties.  Not even for my own sweet babies did I pick up yarn - shocking I know, but in my defence pregnancy and I are not friends and so called "morning sickness" that is supposed to last for the first few months more than outstayed its welcome!

I have plenty of baby weight wool that I'd managed to pick up for a mere $1 a ball, so while finding the prerequisite materials wasn't an issue, choosing a style certainly was.  Searching through Pinterest gives an astounding array of styles for tiny feet and while I was tempted by many, the Cute Baby Ballet Shoes from Lisa Auch managed to grab my attention.  A fabulous free pattern (thanks Lisa!), not too difficult and with ballet styling, they're everything I didn't know I was looking for when I started searching.

I can't believe I didn't try booties before, made in a single evening and as cute as can be, they are the perfect fill-in project when procrastination strikes.

These little delights were made with Bella Baby Sprinkle and I admit deviating slightly from the pattern to add a little more width.  My experiment may or may not have been successful as I'm still waiting to try them on little feet.  One of my work colleagues is expecting a baby, so it may well be a few more months before we know if my slight changes are effective or disastrous.

I'm thrilled with how they came together, although I'm quite certain you can tell how long it's been since you've had a baby of your own by how small they seem.  I even had to Google baby foot sizes at one stage to make sure I hadn't accidentally made a pair of shoes for a doll, they seemed so ridiculously small to me - surely my own children's feet had never been so tiny?

I finished the booties with a little ribbon and when I mentioned to Louise that booties we flying off my crochet hook, she sent me a link for baby flip flops - their cuteness is overwhelming and I'm very, very tempted to make a pair the next time procrastination strikes.

Happy crocheting 


P.S.  If you're looking to make some ballet slippers for grown ups, Louise has made some fabulous pairs -  just click here for the link.

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  1. Yes I have been a long time crocheter and have never made a pair of booties so you have inspired me to give it a go! This pattern looks easy enough too. Thanks for sharing the pattern:)

    1. Thank you. I think booties are something so specific that you need the impending arrival of a little person to give them a go :-)


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