Monday, 17 June 2013

Six Percent Whimsy

I have mentioned on this blog before my dislike of novelty yarns.  My resolve not to purchase them has waned a little lately  with the odd purchase from a "Specials" basket or two.  This week though, I not only had the temptation of a special, but the soulful eyes of a tween to lead me further and further down the path I tried very hard to avoid.  We were in Lincraft you see and they have a little knitted up sample of each wool they sell.   It's pure delight to wander through their yarn section,  and this week as we wandered  we were drawn to the marshmallow like sponginess of "Kushchel Star", it's bobbly sample just crying out to be touched.  The tween looked at me, I looked at her and before I knew it we were at the counter parting with just under $4 for enough yarn to make a scarf.

The label stated the yarn is 94% polyester and 6% PES metallisiert.  I laughed as I told my family I assumed that "PES metallisiert" was German for "Whimsy", when my son decided that Google translate would give us the correct answer.  In fact it gave us no answer at all, so I'm sticking with 6% whimsy as my favoured translation.

I've always been concerned with these yarns that they need to be knitted a particular way to get the desired effect, but I was hopeful that as we'd seen the sample and the needle size was given on the label, it really wouldn't be too terribly difficult to get it right.  The label directed using 10-12mm needles so I started with 12mm and after three attempts decided that I might have to use a needle size that was smaller to enable two knit stitches between each bobble.  So I changed to 7mm, cast on twelve stitches and using garter stitch continued to knit until both my 100g balls of yarn were used.

It only took a few hours of knitting and now that the weather in Melbourne is decidedly Wintry, it was actually a lovely way to spend a cold, rainy day, with a beautiful warm scarf for the tween for my efforts.

I hope the weather is warmer where you are!

Happy knitting 


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  1. Beautiful scarf, I loved it!

  2. I love that yarn! You told the story beautifully. I may have to get some of this...

  3. A beautiful scarf!! I have never tried any of these novelty yarns as lovely as they look knitted on the labels but I did buy a bunch of similar yarn from the thrift store I may try to make something out of it now.

    1. Thanks Alice. It's worth trying I think as the end result is much better than I thought it would be.


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