Monday, 24 June 2013

Shemozzle Yarns

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In my quest to learn how to spin, I have spent quite some time spinning crossbred merino tops with my new quill spindle     It really is lovely stuff.  I love the feel of it between my hands and I love the natural colour and I am working hard to ensure that I am doing justice to it.  (I haven't yet .. my spinning is full of overspun and underspun wool and once off the spindle has a life of it's own).  I was happy with this though until I paid a visit to my local spinning shop.  

There seemed to be every colour roving known to mankind and I looked longingly at it.  

I certainly couldn't buy any - I still have about 900 grams of my merino to spin.  It doesn't sound much - but it's a lot!  No ... there would be no buying of roving.  I was there to buy some wool dye for my niece.  Surprisingly, there appears to be a market for my over/under spun wool (I am calling it Shemozzle Yarn - it's seems apt).  My niece is learning to weave and the more texture in the wool the better.  One thing Shemozzle is not short of is 'texture'.  So I thought I would package it all up for her and send along some wool dye and she can have a wonderful time coming up with her own colours.

However, in a little basket I found a sample pack of coloured roving.  It really wasn't expensive and .... well, I am not going to justify my impulsive spending but I ended up with a pack.

I really enjoyed spinning it into a ball.  I split all the coloured roving up and then spun a ball by grabbing whatever colour was closest.  I thought I would send it to my niece so she can weave with it whilst she is waiting for the dyed yarn to dry.

I'm very interested in seeing how the wool dyes up and then how it weaves.  I certainly hope she doesn't end up with Shemozzle weaving.

Happy Spinning,

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