Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mrs Potts Tea Cosy

A little while ago a friend from work was clearing out her house ready for a big move and asked me if I would like some of her wool.  As if she need ask.  Of course!

The wool was vintage as she had it from when her children were small and they were now all grown and married so I happily added it to my stash.

And there it stayed until I came across a 1940's vintage tea cosy pattern.  It was called the 'Chrysanthemum' tea cosy and I loved the Icord detailing at the top.

The yarn I wanted to use, Moda Vera sentiments did not knit up all that well in rib so I decided on a moss stitch pattern.  It kept the fluffiness I was after.

So, using the picture as inspiration, I came up with a pattern which I have called the 'Mrs Potts Tea Cosy'.  I know it does not look at all like Mrs Potts from the Disney movie but somehow, it reminds me of her and I just can't shake the name.


1 ball patons bluebell - pink
1 ball Patons bluebell - white
1 ball of Moda Vera Sentiments - Pink
1 ball of sage green.  I used 'Sage' from Bendigo Woollen Mills
1 set 4.00mm knitting needles
1set 4.00mm DPN's

This is a great project for using any scraps of yarn in your stash.  The colour combinations are endless so really, just use what you have.


This pattern will fit a 6 cup tea pot.

Cast on 84 stitches 
1st row - K1, P1 to end.
2nd row - P1, K1 to end
Repeat row 1 & 2 once more
5th row - (K1, P1) 2o times.  cast off next 4 stitches and continue in established Moss st pattern to the end.
6th row - P1, K1 until you reach the cast off stitches.  Turn
Continue for 38 more rows.

Join wool to remaining 40 stitches and repeat.
Change to DPN needles (20 stitches per needle)
1st row - K to end and join up so that you are now knitting in the round.
2nd row - decrease (K2tog) at each end of each needle.
Continue row 1 & 2 until 2 stitches remain on each needle.
Thread a yarn needle with the yarn and pull through the remaining stitches   Pull firmly and secure with a stitch or two to hold in place.
Sew the bottom  together and you are all done.

Icord 'Chrysanthemum'

It really is a simple matter of knitting Icord and sewing it into a flower/grouping/shape.  It is entirely up to you.  I knitted about 30cm of each colour and then, rather haphazardly sewed them on the top of the cosy.

Mrs Potts 'Petticoat'

To finish off, I crocheted a little edging along the bottom to help to 'anchor' the cosy and I think it is this feature that makes me think of Mrs Potts.

Using the Rose Pink yarn, slip stich along the bottom edge into each knitted stitch.
Row 2 - Single crochet into each slip stitch.
Row 3 - Chain 5 and then slip stitch into every 2nd opening.

Happy Knitting,

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