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Magic Contemporary Cushion

Contemporary Cushion for a new couch.
A comfortable new couch is always an exciting purchase.  Our old one had served us well but was starting to look old and worn.  My daughter has recently moved out and was very excited to be receiving our old  leather couch, just as I was excited to be purchasing a new one.

Not only did we pick what I considered to be the perfect couch in a shade of charcoal, we received 20% off.  This discount enabled us to get a single seat tub chair that had 'Louise's knitting chair' written all over it.  It  was delivered in 2 days instead of the 2 months that we were expecting to wait.  All-in-all, a great purchase.

However, like all knitters, crocheters & crafters, I balked at the price that the homewares shop charges for knitted cushions.  I just can't pay for anything that I can easily make myself and so I set about knitting & crocheting a series of cushions that would do justice to the couch.  

The first one I called a 'Magic Cushion' as it uses the magic cast on for a seamless finish.  It is a simple, striped cushion using all shades of grey with a pop of colour for accent and is knitted in the round.


1 ball of Main colour (M).  Light grey
1 ball of Accent Colour (A1).  Charcoal
1 ball of Accent Colour (A2).  Black
1 ball of Accent Colour (A3).  Lime Green.

I circular 60cm needle (4.5mm)

5 matching buttons.

Stitch markers (or in my case, mini Hair ties).

It is easier to knit the magic cast on with a longer rather than shorter needle.  This stops the stitches from one end joining up.

All of the balls I had in my stash but any combination of 8 ply will work.

Using the magic cast on method,  and M, cast 80 stitches on each needle and follow the instructions to Step 10 where she says 'We will now return you to your regularly scheduled toe-up-sock pattern'.

Continue using M, for 3 rows.  

Change to A1 for 5 rows
Change to M for 2 rows
Change to A2 for 5 rows
Change to M for 1 row
Change to A1 for 2 rows
Change to A2 for 3 rows
Change to A3 for 7 rows
Change to A1 for 2 rows
Change to A2 for 1 row
Change to M for 2 rows
Change to A2 for 5 rows
Change to M for 62 rows

Having always found it tricky to keep track of rows when knitting circularly.  I purchased a packet of 500 mini hair ties and I use these as my markers.  As they are very thin, I add one everytime I reach the end of the row.  
If I need to keep track of a lot of rows, I collect 10 and then like a Chinese abacus, I will move one of the markers one stitch to the left.  If you need to keep track of over 100 rows, then it is simply a case of adding another marker to the left of the next stitch to indicate 100.

Getting ready for the knitted cushion flap

Row 97: K2, P2 for 80 stitches.  K remaining 80.
Row 98 - 100 Repeat Row 97.
Row 101: Cast off all K2, P2 stitches (80 stitches) and K remaining 80.
Knitted Cushion Flap to fold
over the end of the cushion

Knitted Flap.

With the remaining 80 stitches Knit 26 rows*

Button Hole Band

Row 127:  K2, P2 to end
Row 128 - 130: Repeat row 127

Row 131: K2, P2, Cast off 2, (K2, P2) 7 times, cast off 2 (K2, P2) 7 times, cast off 2 (K2, P2) 7 times, cast off 2 stitches, (K2, P2) 7 times, cast off 2, (P2, K2 to end)

Row 132:  Continue in rib pattern.  When you come to the 2 cast off stitches, cast on 2 using the backward loop cast on method.

Row 133- 135: K2, P2

Row 136: Cast off.

Fold down knitted flap and
add the buttons to finish
After blocking the cushion cover, fold the knitted flap down over the right side and firmly sew it to the sides of the cushion.

Turn it in the right side out and attach buttons.

*(As I was using yarn from my stash, I ran out of the main colour at this point so
 I improvised by adding further stripes)  The stripes are optional.

If you would like to add the stripes the pattern is -

With the remaining 80 stitches, Knit 16 rows in M
Knit 3 in A1
Knit 1 in M
Knit 4 in A2
Knit 2 in M

All the ribbing for the button hole band is done in A1

There's nothing like a home made cushion cover and I am really happy with the end results.
As you can see, there are so many different combinations that can be created from changing the colour of the buttons and the stripes.

Happy Knitting,

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  1. What a cool cushion cover Louise!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
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    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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