Saturday, 1 June 2013

Crochet Rose Brooch

I've never been a huge fan of novelty yarns.  I love that the natural textures and colours in fibres and the  way they are woven together is what provides the interest and uniqueness of an item.  It's not that I've hated the thought of using a novelty yarn, it's just that they seem to be made for a specific purpose (scarves mainly) and they've needed a particular way of knitting to get them to work, and well...I'm more free form than particular so I was concerned they just wouldn't work for me.

As many of you know, I do like a  bargain and so when I found some Moda Vera Giorgio, a rayon/nylon mix, on sale at my local Spotlight store, I couldn't help but put some in my basket and wait for some inspiration to hit.

The yarn is like working with ribbon and while I sat waiting for the perfect project to come to mind, it sat in my wool stash looking quite forlorn amongst the more muted shades I normally work with.

In the end, I was watching "Amelie" late one night, and maybe it was the fabulous french styling, coupled with the fact that it was after midnight and I'd had a glass of wine, but all things combined to form the idea that a beautiful over sized crochet ribbon rose, could be just the thing that this yarn was made for.

Not long ago, Louise made a beautiful Button Rose Tea Cosy and using the free pattern for the rose from Crochet Roses By Skip to My Lou, I got to work.  Two very simple rows of crochet later and a little bit of sewing together and the rose was made.  A felt backing and a brooch base was all it took to complete and I was ready to use my over sized accessory as many times as I could.

I started on a T-shirt (pictured above), worked my way to a denim bag I'd made from an old pair of jeans....

.... and finally decided that it was the perfect winter pick me up for a black coat.  

Who knows, I might even get around to making a matching scarf one day!

Happy crocheting


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  1. It's lovely. Don't you just love trying something different now and then. I did some of those twirly scarves this year with that loopy yarn. They were fun to do and I couldn't stop at one and did 13. I gave a few away and stashed the others away. I'll never wear them all,but I did enjoy the quickness of the project. I must admit I've seen them everywhere since,so it's taken the edge off wearing them. :)

    1. Thanks Jeanette, I did laugh at the 13 scarves as I'm really tempted to keep making this brooch in all sorts of colours and types of wool. If I need to meet anyone I'll just be able to say "I'll be the one wearing the crochet rose!"

  2. That is very pretty, I wish I could crochet - not enough patience! That brooch adds a nice pop of color on the coat!

    1. Thanks Jeanie - It took me a very long time to get around to learning to crochet. I have to admit I'm a little addicted to it now. I think I'm making up for lost time.

  3. Beautiful flower! Lovely color too!
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  4. Lovely brooch! I love the color! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


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