Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Peony & Lime Cowl

The weather in England at the moment is supposed to be freezing.  We've seen the news about record snow fall and it looks grim.  On the other hand, we have been having the most marvellous Indian summer and scarves, mittens and hats are the last thing that anyone is thinking about.

However, a very dear friend is finishing work tomorrow to pursue a whole new path of marriage and writing and will soon jet off to England.  It's the perfect excuse to knit something warm for her.  She has lovely visions of sitting in a garret and spending her days with her note pads and pens.  From what I hear though, garrets & attics can be very cold and England in the spring time is still considered freezing by Australian standards.

I had recently purchased some gorgeous Debbie Bliss 'Bella'.  80% cotton, 15% silk and 5% cashmere.  It's deliciously soft and I was keen to make something using the two vibrant colours together.  A cowl would be perfect for 2 reasons - it would be highly practical and I love knitting them.

Provisional Cast On
I decided on Madelinetosh's 'Brick Road Cowl'.  This is not a free pattern.  The cost is $6.00 but the premise of the pattern is quite straight forward.  Cast on using a provisional cast on, knit 8 inches of your pattern, swap colours to reverse the pattern and knit a further 8 inches and then cast off using the 3 needle bind off.  I decided on the double length version to enable it to be wrapped snugly around your neck.  The stitch used is the 'brick' stitch and it shows off the 2 colours superbly.

3 Needle Bind Off
It took a bit longer to knit than I anticipated but the end result is worth it.  So much so, that I am going to knit one for myself.  Although, I always say that and I always end up giving them away as gifts.  I am determined this time!

The Lime and Peony Cowl should be a wonderful way to brighten things up should the weather take a turn for the worse - which it always does in England.

Good luck Danielle, we shall miss you!

Peony & Lime Cowl


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  1. How snug and pretty. Your friend will love it. Yes how fortunate we are here in Aus,the weather is lovely. We had 31deg today. I am enjoying it while I can. :)

  2. Wonderful choice in colors! Thank you for sharing on Fluster's Creative Muster.

    Fluster Buster

  3. Beautiful cowl! Gorgeous colors, love it!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  4. A wonderful cowl, and such a lovely color combination!! ♥


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