Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Days of Wine and Knitting ...

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Van set up - Ready for some serious knitting
I am very fortunate to work in a school.  Whilst the weeks are frantic with activity, we are never far away from the 2 weeks of holidays that beckon at the end of every term.  My partner also works at a school so we are very grateful to have this time together - However, he wants to spend it camping.

I use the term camping somewhat loosely.  It's not like we are in tents with inflatable air mattresses.  We've done that and our backs weren't up to sleeping on the hard ground when the air slowly & inevitably leaked out.  Our van is very comfortable - it's the shared ablutions I have a hard time with.  I always have to steel myself for this and try very hard to sound enthusiastic about spending a week or two on intimate terms with strangers.  

But once we are set up and the first glass of wine is in hand as we watch the sun set over the beach, or the bush, or river, a sense of peace pervades and all is well - especially as I have packed enough wool to keep me knitting for months.  
Mystery Blanket and a couple of cowls I would think.

I seem to turn into a knitting machine when I am away.  Let's face it, there is no housework to speak of.  Cleaning the morning dishes and a quick sweep is all it takes and then the day is just waiting to be filled.

Last time I went camping, I managed to knit 3 cowls.
Picot Hearts for Valentines Day.
Trellis Vine Cowl as I was very keen to knit a lace pattern I had seen
and an Icordion Cowl that evolved as I was knitting it.

On top of this, I also knitted a pair of fingerless mittens that I have bought with me this time as there is a definite chill in the air.

This trip I plan to catch up on some blanket squares and knit an infinity, lined cable scarf.  I have cast on my 266 stitches and am happily knitting away as night falls.

Cheers and happy knitting,

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  1. Love it !! Sounds so peaceful, but yet productive!! Have fun!