Monday, 20 May 2013

A whole bag full of potential

It's recently come to mind that opening a bag filled with wool, for which you have no specific plans, can be likened to that moment when you hold your newborn and to your amazement discover that this little person that's just entered the world is filled with more potential than you ever thought possible. They could become something and someone truly amazing and depending on their will (and yours) you may just be able to shape them into a package that you find to be more than tolerable and society in general finds pleasing...and so it is with wool.  

In the lead up to Mother's Day this year I had dropped many an unsubtle hint as to what I would like for the celebration.  The children are not involved in this process as I find such a joy in opening presents that they have thought of completely by themselves and are within their limited budgets or handmade, but for my husband I have no qualms about inviting him to spend a little more and in a direction that I have gently encouraged.  My gentle encouragement generally starts with leaving pages from websites open on the computer and progresses through to "If you're wondering what to get me for Mother's Day, I'd really like a..."

This year one of the pages I  left open for my husband to "accidentally" stumble across was unsurprisingly an online wool shop and while he didn't take me up on the idea as in his words, he was too overwhelmed with choice, come the big day I was encouraged to place an order of my own choosing. And so it was that I spent a good part of an hour deciding on colours and yarn choices.  At the back of my mind I had a vague whim that I would be looking to make some cushion covers and some Britannia themed homewares, but like children, I've come to understand that there is the potential for this yarn to become anything (and in the end,  hopefully it will be more than tolerable and something that society in general finds pleasing).

Happy crafting


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  1. Deb,what a coincidence. We are from Adelaide,and at the moment on holiday touring country Victoria. I always order my wool from Bendigo Woollen mills on line too. Today we were waiting to get into the Holiday Village at Bendigo(can't get in until 2pm,) We arrived there from Echuca too early,so made our way to the Woollen Mills shop. It was like putting a kid in a lolly shop. I bought some gorgeous fleck cream and beige 8ply and a lovely jumper pattern with a shawl collar. Can't wait to get started on it. I bought my knitting with me,as us knitters do. I'm knitting my Granddaughter a jumper and promised to have it finished by the time we get home. Well you can bet I will,now that I have my new wool. When we had unpacked in the cottage,I thought I would check my emails and also popped over to Blogs for a peak. Couldn't believe it when I saw the Bendigo label on your wool Happy knitting. love the colours. They certainly spoil us for choice. Annnnd before I go, I must tell you,they have a back room with heaps of specials. Enjoy. x

    1. I'm so jealous Jeanette! I've heard about the back room at the shop, but haven't had a chance to visit yet. It's so hard to find room in the calendar to take the drive up there. Given how long it took me to make a decision when buying from their online shop, I can only imagine how long I would take if I was actually there in person (might have to drop the family off somewhere else as I'm quite certain they wouldn't be thrilled with loitering about in a wool shop for any length of time.)

      Hope you have a wonderful holiday in Victoria. Unfortunately it seems that we've completely forgotten about Autumn this year and moved straight into Winter!

  2. We are having super weather for our holiday cool but that's how we like it. Oh and my hubby is great to shop with,he wondered around the wool shop for ages with me. I've nearly finished my Granddaughters jumper so may even get mine started before I get home. Heading for Mildura tomorrow. :)

    1. Have a fabulous time in Mildura and excited to hear you've nearly finished the jumper so you can't start on your Bendigo Wool


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