Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Yarn Bombing the vase of romance and courtship

Long ago, when my husband and I were celebrating our first Christmas together and well before he was actually my husband, he gave me the perfect vase.  I say perfect because it  exactly fits a dozen long stemmed red roses and all those years ago it was used quite often.  Three children and many, many years later, my perfect vase doesn't see so many roses (particularly as we're much happier these days spending our money on a dinner out than a bunch of flowers), but that's not to say I don't still love my perfect vase and the memories of all those flowers of anniversaries, engagement and sometimes just the occasional "I love you" bunch.  It does feel odd to display anything other than roses in it though, almost as if I'm betraying its early beginnings as the vase of romance and courtship.  To remedy the situation, I decided that perhaps a little yarn would help my unease and bring the vase out of the cupboard and on display a little more.

Using 4ply (baby yarn) I crocheted 8 granny squares and my pattern for these is:

Step 1
Chain (CH) 4 and slip stitch into first chain to form circle
Step 2
CH 3 (forms 1st Treble) Treble (TC) twice into circle to form a cluster.
Step 3
CH 2, TC three times into circle, repeat until four cluster are formed around the circle, CH 2 and slip stitch to join to first set of trebles
Step 4
CH 3 (forms first Treble) TR twice more into the same space as the Chain 3. CH 2, TC three times into the next chain 2 of the previous row, Repeat until 8 clusters are formed, with each cluster spaced so that two clusters occur in each of the Chain 2's of the previous row.  CH2 and slip stitch to join to first cluster.
Step 5
CH 3 (forms first Treble) TR twice more into the same space as the Chain 3 for this step. *CH 2, TC three times into the next chain 2 of the previous row. Chain 2, TC three times into the next chain of the previous row.  CH 2, TC three times into same chain 2 as previous cluster. Repeat from * until work meets CH 2 and cast off.

Single crochet to join squares together.

I'm delighted with my now less formal vase, it's perfect for everyday flowers and easily transformed if a dozen red roses do unexpectedly arrive on my doorstep.

I think I could probably get away with adding another row of granny squares to the yarn bombed vase, but in truth I wanted to keep a few squares aside for another project I'm working on and once that's complete I can envisage a little unpicking and a touch more crocheting to add the row. 

Happy Crocheting 


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  1. Oh you might need to send your hubby a wee reminder of his former rose giving days. Maybe a picture via the phone or a little love note by his bedside?

    I love the yarn love you showed it. It does look lovely and your flowers feel at home.

    1. Thanks so much Sara - You're right, maybe I should drop some less than subtle hints :-)

  2. I love your yarn bombed vase.

  3. What a sweet story, thanks for sharing :-). I like the vases's new dress!!

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