Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Red Waistcoat for a well dressed Dave Strider

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"Who is Dave Strider?" you may well ask.  After a quick online search I can tell you he's something to do with "Homestuck" - not helpful I know, but I have a son who's going to an event and he was rather desperate for a red waistcoat, which the aforementioned Dave Strider wears in a web comic of some sort.  A quick trip to the shops revealed red waistcoats aren't that easy to come by and so it was we found ourselves at the fabric store perusing patterns and fabrics as I muttered things like "I'm not great with sewing patterns", and "I'll do my best, but I can't make any guarantees". Despite this, my son put his trust in my ability (or lack thereof) and sensing my nervousness, even offered to help.

We had been lucky enough a few weeks earlier to get a message from a friend that someone was giving away free fabric in our local area.  Naturally I was quickly on the phone and amongst the free fabric was some red lining that was perfect for the waistcoat.  It really just left the pattern, front fabric and buttons to buy.  A huge bonus for a fifteen year old who's on a budget.

We chose the McCalls 2447 pattern, but opted to leave the front pocket flaps off, my thought process being that the more we had to add on, the more things could go wrong.  You can see just where my confidence level was at with this one.  I did actually do a year of sewing classes while I was at school (it was compulsory) and while I managed with ease the pot holder and pillow case, the kimono project was simply a no-go. I think it was because I really hated the fabric and so it was that I'm quite fabulous at machine sewing in a straight line thanks to my first two completed projects, curves however are a little trickier!

Thankfully, even though the pattern wasn't marked as "easy" it really was quite simple to put together and my new sewing machine has an automatic buttonholer, which I can't imagine doing this project even measures the size of the buttons to determine the correct length of the button hole and as much as I loved my old machine, which finally gave up the ghost last year, I can see just how far technology has come along.

One afternoon later and the red waistcoat is complete (although not before a trip back to the fabric shop to buy the little buckle that goes on the back)

My son was pretty pleased with how this worked out.  From a distance you can't even tell it's homemade!

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