Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh-Sew-Easy Drawstring Bag

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I just can't seem to get enough Fat Quarters.  To me it's as if I could have a little teaspoon of every flavour of ice-cream, but transfer that feeling to fabric.  From sweet little patterns to bold prints, I'm quite sure I could easily fill a craft room with fabric samples -  if it wasn't for my outright lack of craft room that is <sigh>.  

This is a very simple bag to make that's all straight lines (my favourite type of sewing) and in fact, I didn't even bother to take measurements, just a few brave cuts here and there and then onto the sewing machine it went.
I decided on a fully lined bag and ended up using three fat quarters in total.  I cut three identical rectangles, one from each fabric, leaving enough fabric remaining on the edge and top of the fat quarters to be able to produce stripes for the front of the bag..

I chose two rectangles for the lining and with right sides facing sewed three sides together leaving the top open.  

For the front of the bag, I sewed thick strips from the edges I had discarded when I cut my original rectangles, and once sewn these were trimmed to the same size as the already cut rectangles. I then attached my newly sewn front to the back outside of the bag, with right sides facing of course,  and trimmed the length of this outer shell so that it was slightly shorter than the lining.  It was then a simple case of putting the lining into the outer shell and folding the top of the lining over to form a cuff on the top of the bag.

Sewing the casing for the ribbon
I decided at this point to test out one of the fancier stitches on my sewing machine.  I love the added oomph a bit of stitching can bring!

Once the cuff has been sewn in place it was time to insert the ribbon.  I used a large crochet hook for this usually tiresome job.  By tying the ribbon around the hook and threading through the cuff in reverse everything was quickly in place and the bag was ready to use.

Before ballet gear took over
While I had originally envisaged this to be a bag for transporting library books, at the moment it has the much more odorous task of getting ballet leotards and tights to class.   I think I might have to start thinking about making another one for the library books...

Happy sewing


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  1. So cute! Love the colors!

    1. Thanks so much Rita - it does remind me of a bumble bee!