Monday, 11 March 2013

Off to Canada Scarf

Fisherman's Rib Scarf - with a bit of detail.
A little while ago, my children enjoyed a fabulous holiday in Canada - in winter!  I have lived through a winter in Canada and loved every minute - every freezing cold, toe numbing minute.

I could not, in all honesty, call myself a knitter if I did not use this excuse to knit up a frenzy.  There were scarves to be knitted, socks to be crafted, hats and ear warmers that needed serious consideration.  My children didn't believe that they would need ear warmers.  (Oh the folly of youth!)  and I could not persuade them otherwise so - no ear warmers for them.

Hayley said that she just wanted a plain scarf to keep her warm.  I had visions of my Australian born children freezing miserably in the Canadian winter (Yes, I know that there are a billion warm items readily available to them over there - but they were not handmade by their mum) so I decided on one of the warmest knitting stitches I have ever come across - Fisherman's Rib.

The Fisherman's rib pattern is very easy and I figured if it can keep the fisherman warm in the arctic seas, it can keep my daughter warm as she does her shopping.

Fisherman's Rib Pattern

Row 1: K1, *p1, k1; rep from * to end.
Row 2: P1, *k1b, p1* rep from * to end.
Row 3: K1, *p1, k1b; rep from * to last two sts, p1, k1.
Repeat rows 2 & 3 until you have reached your desired length.
K1b - Insert your working needle into the stitch directly below the first stitch on your main needle, knit wise.  Knit the stitch as you normally would.  Pull the worked stitch and the stitch above it off the needle together.

Scarf Pattern

Simple details to transform a very simple scarf.
Materials required:
100g 8 ply wool (Main Colour - MC)
remnants of 8ply (Colour 1 - C1)

Using MC, cast on 42 stitches and knit in Fisherman's Rib pattern until work measures 12cm

Using C1, P one row, (This becomes the right side of the work as we want the garter stitch detail to show) K one row.  

Using MC, knit 4cm in Fisherman's Rib.

Repeat garter stitch rows in C1.

Using MC, knit 4cm in Fisherman's Rib.

Repeat garter stitch rows in C1.

Continue in MC Fisherman's Rib until you are 20cm from your desired length.

Repeat garter stitch rows in C1.

Using MC, knit 4cm in Fisherman's Rib.

Repeat garter stitch rows in C1.

Using MC, knit 4cm in Fisherman's Rib.

Repeat garter stitch rows in C1.

Using MC, knit 12cm in Fisherman's Rib and bind off.

Fringing detail.

Using a crochet hook and C1, do a single crochet in each bind off stitch.

Now it's time for the crochet bobbles.  Follow the instructions for the 3dc bobble here.

Once you have finished the bobble, crochet 1 treble, ch 3,  1 treble evenly across the finished bobble row.

To finish, cut 4 lengths of 20cm (C1) for each tassel and knot them into every second loop hole.

The scarf ended up being VERY warm (and I secretly made it wide enough to cover any ears that may inadvertently be exposed to the cold)

More Scarves and Cowls by FitzBirch

How to knit for a Perfectionist - (this is the scarf I knitted for my son to take to Canada)

Keep warm and Happy Knitting,


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  1. Very pretty scarf! Thanks for your visit on my blog:)

  2. Hello, Just found your pattern for the Off to Canada Scarf and would love to make it. However I cannot find any mention of what sized Knitting needles or crochet hooks are to be used. Please let me know asap as the weather is getting colder now. Thanks so much. Barb

    1. Hello Barb, The knitting needle size is 4.5mm. Enjoy your knitting, Louise

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