Monday, 18 March 2013

No Sew Braid Headband

The Grade 6 market week at our local primary school is a much anticipated fundraising event where the graduating class provide stalls for younger students to purchase anything from cups of cordial through to origami and having fancy nail polish applied.  Much thought goes into the day and this year my daughter's group have devised a "DIY stall" where fellow students get to participate in a craft activity and then take home their finished item.  So far, among other things, they have devised colouring-in sheets for the very young students, bead bracelets and no-sew headbands.

These are very quick and simple and my daughter made it in white as a trial run (for no other reason than the fact that it was the fabric at the top of my fabric stash), I think on the day some fleece and shiny polyesters might be included.

Fabric - 90cm x 6cm (approx 35inch x 2.5inch)

-Leaving one end of the fabric uncut and still joined, place fabric on a flat surface and in 2cm widths, cut three lengths into the fabric of approximately 85cm, ie. leaving a section of 5cm at one end uncut.

-Braid/plait the fabric length as shown until approximately 5cm remains

-Place headband around head and tie the band loosely in a knot. Cut off excess fabric

It's a pity parents don't get to attend - I think I might have liked to have made one of these for me!

Happy crafting


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