Wednesday, 13 March 2013

No Bake Easter Cookies

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This is definitely not a cooking blog, but I figure that as there is no actual cooking involved in making these lovely Easter edibles, I can get away with blogging about them on a craft blog...hopefully!  In Australia, cookies are called "biscuits" and the variety that I've used here are "Milk Arrowroot", a classic plain biscuit that has been a staple on Australian supermarket shelves for a very long time indeedy.  If you can't get "Milk Arrowroot" biscuits, any plain oval biscuit/cookie will do.

 You will need

1 packet of Milk Arrowroot biscuits
1 ready pack of white icing
Food colouring
Ready made icing flowers
Oval Cookie Cutter
Icing Texture Sheets
Rolling Pin
A little icing sugar  with water to form a thin, runny icing mix.


To start, knead the ready pack icing until it is soft and pliable.  Add a few drops of food colouring until the icing has reached the desired shade or leave as white if you prefer.

Roll out to an even thickness, place texture mat on top of icing, firmly roll with rolling pin once only and carefully remove mat.  I purchased my texture mats from a cake supplier on ebay and I really love using them as it's an easy, but impressive way to add a touch of elegance to cakes (or biscuits in this case).

Using oval cookie cutter, cut out required number of shapes and place onto biscuits using a thin mixture of icing sugar and water to attach.

To decorate:  Cut thin strips from the remaining ready made icing (use the reverse side if you don't want any texture in the icing ribbon) and using the oval cookie cutter, cut icing ribbon strips to the correct width.  Attach both icing ribbon and ready made flower using the thin icing mixture.

I just love how these turned out.  They were so quick and simple to make and could even be a great little project for kids to help with - if you're not adverse to a few finger prints on the icing!

Happy Easter


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