Friday, 22 March 2013

Interlocking Cables.

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Every now and again I feel the need for a really 'meaty' knitting project.  I didn't have enough wool in my stash for a large project which meant I had to cast about for a project and then the wool (or the wool and then the project).  Always a delightful process.  I never have to be asked twice to browse through internet sites for patterns and online wool shops for inspiration.

In this case, the project came first.

I discovered the pattern in a 'Knitting Daily Free E-Book' and decided that you couldn't get any meatier - this was the project! Shirley Paden patterns are always beautiful.

I ordered the wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Rich Alpaca 'Pecan'.

Alpaca - the minute it arrived I knew that this was going to be a seriously warm jumper.

This pattern is for experienced knitters.  Every aspect of it is cabled and it's such a shame that I knitted this BEFORE I taught myself to cable without a cable needle. (Knitty have a wonderful tutorial on this if you have always wanted to learn).

Surprisingly, it knitted up quite quickly.  That's always a bonus with me as I tend to 'drift' onto other projects if something takes too long.  Yes, I know it's not ideal but I have never subscribed to the theory that every project must be finished before you can move onto another.

In the end, it was quite straightforward as jumpers go and joining it up posed no problems at all.

Once I had completed this jumper, I  sewed in some thin elastic around the neck/shoulder line to keep it in place.  

As I initially thought, this keeps me very, very warm even though my shoulders are bare.  I can only wear it in the middle of winter which means here in Perth, that's about a week in August.  Seriously though, I really like the fact that it is very dressy so I can wear it out to dinner with a pair of slim black pants and high boots but it works just as well with jeans.  

Cables, cables ... everywhere.
** Note to any US knitters - In Australia, we refer to sweaters as jumpers.  

Happy Knitting,

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  1. Oh, I love this! It is so beautiful! You've inspired me to start knitting again this summer with your gorgeous work each week. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week! Have a wonderful weekend and a Blessed Easter!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Enjoy your Easter and we look forward to the next Bouquet of Talent.