Monday, 25 March 2013

Fabric covered eggs

I was rummaging through the remnants basket at my local craft shop during the week, when a small piece of fabric caught my eye and in an instant I knew exactly what I would use it for. Sometimes it's lovely to not actually be looking for anything in particular, but find the perfect inspirational piece out of the blue. The fabric was a busy piece of polyester in hues of blue, greens and yellows in a design which reminded me of a stained glass window...perfect for a little Easter decorating and at $1, a  bargain too good to pass up.


PVA glue and paint brush
Foam eggs
sequins (optional)


Cut a piece of fabric that is wide enough to wrap around the egg and overlap a little at the edges and long enough to reach the top and bottom of the egg, plus a little overlap on each end.

Cut half centimetre strips approximately one third of the width.  Do this on both sides, leaving a one third section of fabric in the centre untouced,  and then cut the end of each half centimtre strip into a triangle shape.

Cover the fabric in glue and wrap around the egg, neatly overlapping the ends to follow the curve of the egg.

To finish, pin or glue ribbon aound the eggs.  I used a sequin at the top for a little sparkle.

These were a little messy and time consuming, but I really enjoyed making them and think they're perfect for our Easter table decoration.  

Happy crafting


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