Monday, 18 February 2013

Wool Wrapped Letters

It can be quite difficult to come up with ideas for party favours, particularly as children get a little older and you try to move beyond the sweet treat filled bag of goodies that permeates the party scene for younger kids.  A few months ago, Miss 11 came back from a crafty birthday party with an "Imagine" sign to decorate as she pleased, and I thought it was a fantastic idea for a gift to give to party attendees.  It's taken several months to decide how to decorate her sign, but Miss 11 finally decided that wool wrapping would provide a wonderful afternoon or two of raiding my wool stash and peacefully decorating to her heart's content.

Wooden sign or letter
PVA glue - or any other glue that dries clear
Assorted wool
Beads, buttons or butterflies to decorate


Brush a small amount of glue onto the back of the first small section of the letter that you wish to wrap. 
Carefully wrap wool onto glued area and allow to dry.
Continue neatly wrapping  and glueing until the letter is completely covered. 
When changing wool, leave a small string of the old colour and set this on the next glued section while wrapping the new colour over and around. 
Once the last colour is complete leave a piece of yarn that is long enough to thread onto a needle and then slip the needle with the excess wool back under the wrapped wool, making sure that it is at the back of the letter out of view.
Glue beads, buttons or other embellishments as desired.

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