Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine's Homestead Wreath

Valentine's Day in Australia falls in one of the hottest month's of the year.  It's not unusual for the temperature to hover at around forty degrees celcius and fresh flowers and chocolates tend to wilt and melt as they try and withstand the late Summer onslaught.  When I first thought of making a Valentine's wreath for our front porch, my mind immediately thought of collecting dried twigs and weaving them into shape, but then the comforting whir of the airconditioner reminded me that it was far too hot outside and so I went to my shelves of craft supplies to see if there was anything that would do the trick.


Florist wire


Using lengths of florists wire, bend into heart shape and wrap ends around each other to secure in place.  I used approxiamtely 15-20 lengths for each side of the heart.
Once secure take two more lengths of wire, one for each side of the heart and wrap these around the heart shape adding beads as you go.
Take a long length of ribbon and wrap around wires, starting at the bottom and leaving enough length at the top to create a bow and/or loop for hanging.  I cut my ribbon in half, allowing it to fray, as I wanted to give my wreath a well-worn feel as it welcomed visitors to the house.

Happy Crafting


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  1. Deb,it's lovely. I like how it's simple,yet so attractive. I like how you have offset the point at the bottom :)

    1. Thanks Jeanette - it was a really quick project!


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