Monday, 25 February 2013

Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs

I seem to have become a bit impulsive of late.  Last week, when I was in the craft store, I picked up a packet of styrofoam eggs and before a few seconds had passed, knew what I was going to do with them, quickly purchased them and set off home.  Bit quick in hindsight, as I forgot to purchase what I had originally set out for.

The materials used for this project are:

Styrofoam eggs (any size)
Glue brush
PVA glue. 
Twine, Jute or string 
Decorative cotton
These eggs are very easy and very quick to make.  It's a great craft to do with children and they will love decorating their egg with buttons, bits of felt, beads, sequins - anything you can get your hands on.  It is just a matter of wrapping the twine around an  egg that has been lightly coated in glue (although, PVA glue and I are not the best of friends and it can get a bit sticky).

To start, secure the end of the twine at the top of the egg using a pin.  Lightly coat the egg with PVA glue and gently start wrapping the twine around the base of the pin and continue outwards.

It's a bit like knitting a pair of socks - the first row is always the trickiest so hang in there.

Once the egg is wrapped, there are an unlimited number of ways that you can finish it off.

Pretty little Easter Eggs

A few years ago, a lady I used to work with gave me a few spools of Semco crochet cotton and I decided that this would be perfect for a bit of colour around the egg.

I was deliberately casual when I wrapped the colour as I wanted a 'homely' look.  The cotton is threaded through 3 buttons to give some dimension and the end of the thread is held in place with a little dab of PVA.


Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs
Happy Easter,


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  1. These are different,not sure I am good with pva glue either. They will look lovely in a bowl for Easter decor. x

  2. Too cute! Thanks for sharing at my party at House on the Way.


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