Wednesday, 2 January 2013

One Yarn Two Ways

I recently bought a bulk lot of Louisa Harding yarn online.  It is 50% wool, 50% silk and feels divine.  It has a wonderfully soft feel against the skin and I thought it would be perfect for a cowl.

I choose to knit the 'Accordion Cowl' that I saw on Cornflower Blue Studio's blog.  It is very simple and knits up in a night (or 2).

120 Stitches on circular needles, knit 5 rows plain, then 5 rows purl, repeat and bind off when ready.

Accordion Cowl
I have made it for a teacher at work who is taking a year off to get married and live in Melbourne.  Prior to this, she is 'wintering' in Italy.  Perhaps if I can't travel to Italy, at least my knitting can - although, that's really no consolation at all!

At one point, I left my knitting on the couch whilst I went to work  and my son must have been inspecting it for when I came home, he casually mentioned that he really liked it .. and could he perhaps, maybe, have a cowl knitted in this yarn.  I did a bit of a double-take.  Mainly because he had taken the time to have a look at something I was doing.

My son is a talented classical guitarist and has been accepted into a music school to study for a Bachelor of Music.  He is after something different but he has to be able to play guitar whilst wearing it.

We decided on the 'Bandana Cowl' by the Purl Bee.  This would keep him warm but is close fitting and will not get in the way of his guitar playing.

Bandana Cowl
It is a quite an easy knit although, after I had finished, I couldn't get it over my head as it was too tight.  Always read the pattern instructions - right to the end.  I pulled it back and decided to try Jenny's Stretchy Bind Off.  I watched the YouTube clip by Cat Bordhi and gave it a go.  My son tried it on but it was too stretchy so, in the knitting equivalent of Golidlocks and the Three Bears, undid it again to get it just right.  In the end, I modified the stretchy bind off.  I only did the wrap stitch on every second stitch and behold, it worked.

I still have a few skeins left so it might be time to knit a cowl for me .. one day.

More Cowl Patterns from FitzBirch Craft

Happy knitting,

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  1. Wow, this yarn is gorgeous and I LOVE both of the cowls. I can only imagine how "over the moon" yet stunned you were when your son commented on your yarn and project. When my sons take an interest in what I am creating I a always have to do a double take. Happy 2013!

    1. Thank you. This yarn is just gorgeous to knit with (it has to be if my Son comments on it). Happy 2013 to you as well .. Louise


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