Monday, 28 January 2013

Crochet Ballet Bun Cover


In Australia, the new school year starts towards the end of January - after the long Summer break which includes all the festive celebrations of Christmas and then the loud day of barbecuing that is Australia Day on January the 26th.  In our household, not only is late January  the start of school, but also the beginning of a new year of ballet class.  During the holidays we've discovered that the new uniform leotard this year is mint and while we love the colour and Miss 11 is incredibly excited, it's difficult to find hair accessories in any shade of green.  We've been busily making hair bows (you can find our tutorial for those here), but we thought we'd give crochet bun nets a try, just to add a bit of variety.

A quick google search and we came across a great video tutorial from "Clare's addicted to Yarn" and I was happily crocheting away when I realised that the bun cover was going to be really big.  Miss 11 has thick hair, which we recently had cut (mainly to take some of the weight out of her ballet bun!!) to just below shoulder length.  I made the decision to start again with a smaller size 3 crochet hook and followed the video tutorial until the second row of triple crochet, where I substituted double crochet.  I then did one more row of triple and then a half double to finish.  Using 8 ply wool for the crochet and sewing in elastic to finish, the cover ended up being the perfect size.  

My pattern ended up as:

Chain 5,  Using slip stitch join to first chain to form circle.

Round 1.  Chain 4, Chain 1 and treble crochet (TC) into circle.
Chain 1 and repeat 10 times (12 stitches).  Slip stitch join to top of first TC to finish circle. Slip stitch into chain 1 space.

Round 2. Chain 3, Work DC into same space, Chain 1, Work 2 x  DC into next space,  Chain 1. Continue working 2 DC into each space with a chain one when moving to the next space.

Round 3. Chain 4, TC, Chain 2, miss next space from previous round TC  x 2, Chain 2 (two TC into every second space from the previous round, with a Chain 2 when moving between spaces.) Slip Stitch into top of chain 4 to complete circle

Round 4. Slip stich into gap of previous round.  Work 1 row Half Double Crochet with two stitches into the double space of the previous round and one stitch in the single spaces.  Join with a slip stitch to finish.  Sew in elastic.

I'm tempted to also make a bun cover in crochet cotton, but as yet I haven't been able to find plain mint, just a beautiful (in my opinion) variegated blue and mint colourway that Miss 11 wasn't hugely keen on...perhaps I'll make it up anyway and see what she thinks!

Happy crafting


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  1. So sweet!!! Lovely idea! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Very pretty! I would love to have you join me as I kick off my brand new Creative HomeAcre Hop today at:

    1. Thanks so much for the invite Lisa. Had a wonderful time visiting your blog hop! Deb


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