Sunday, 6 January 2013

Buttons and Hearts Wall Hanging

Ever had a project that did not go to plan?

This blog post was to be about felting.  I was knitting some swatches that I was going to felt and then make into a Buttons & Heart wall hanging .. just in time for Valentines day.  However, try as I might, only 2 of my swatches resembled felt.  The rest would not budge from their original knitted state.  I read up about felting, almost lost feeling in my hands from all the hot water, spent over an hour with a potato masher in a plastic tub trying in vain to get something, anything to felt.  It did not work.  I threw them in the washing machine filled with hot water and detergent - Nothing.  How hard can it be?  People have been doing it for practically ever.

To take my mind off the un-felted felt, I went to my local craft shop to buy some ribbon to attach the hearts to.  I came across some felted craft sqaures for 56c each.  I had a mid-project crisis.  Do I continue to try and felt the unfeltable, or do I cut my losses and buy the sqaures at this ridiculously cheap price?

Once I arrived home with my newly purchased felt squares, I set about making the Heart hanging.

For this project, you will need 

.. 1 square of each colour, 
.. about 1m of ribbon, 
.. a selection of buttons, 
.. embroidery thread to match your felt and embroidery needle 
.. a glue gun.
.. Heart shaped cookie cutters

Using a set of heart shaped cookie cutters, trace around the felt to get 3 different sizes of hearts.  Be careful about what pen/pencil you use to trace with.  I used a pen and even though I used the other side of the felt, some of the pen marks still showed through - as I said before, ever had one of those projects?

Using blanket stitch, stitch around the outside of each of the hearts.

Once all your hearts are finished, it's time to glue them to the ribbon.  I folded down the top of the ribbon to make a hanging loop.  Then attach the hearts.

Sweet Valentine Buttons and Hearts wall hanging.

Happy Crafting,


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