Monday, 17 December 2012

Owl Cowl

I am always a bit nervous about giving things I have knitted as gifts.  I have a passion for knitting and all things fibre, but I have noticed that not everyone shares this - strange I know, but there it is.  This year though, it's time to get serious and I have all manner of hand knitted items to give away to friends.

The first is an Owl Cowl.  One of our Teachers at work is moving back to South Australia and earlier on in the year, she mentioned that she loves owls and all things owl-ish.

I spent a bit of time browsing for a pattern and came across the 'Hedwig Owl Cowl' by Jeni Anderson on Ravelry.  It is not a free pattern but I liked it enormously, spent the $3.41AUS for the pattern and I was ready to go.

Jeni has done a great job with the pattern.  It is remarkably easy to knit (I finished it in one evening) and is very cute and effective.  I used yarn from my stash, spent $6.00 on buttons so including the pattern, I have a wonderful hand made gift to give for under $10.00.
Happy Knitting,

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